Apple Wallet Support

We worked hard to make sharing your Spryly super easy. You can display QR codes for any of your cards. You can also design and print codes that are useful for training situations, luggage tags, selling items, and more.

Spryly also supports your device's natural sharing resources. So, you can paste a Spryly code into a text message, email message or any other application you might have and use for communicating.

With the introduction of Apple Wallet support we've taken that ease-of-use model even further. If you're an Apple user with an iPhone or Apple Watch, you can now create Wallet passes that allow you to pull up and present Spryly items quickly and without ever having to open the Spryly app or website.

Creating a new Apple Wallet pass for your Spryly is easy, and is illustrated below in the graphic.

Step 1: Select the action button in the upper right-hand corner of the app or web page. It will look like three stacked dots.

Step 2: Select Add to Wallet (if you're not using an iOS device this option won't appear).

Step 3: When asked, allow the Spryly app and platform to download your newly created Apple Wallet pass.

Step 4: Apple's Wallet should open automatically and provide you with a preview of the pass. Click the plus (+) or "Add" button to add it to your wallet.

Four easy steps to adding a MyQRCard to your Apple Wallet

Once you've added one or more Spryly cards to your Apple Wallet they'll be as easy to retrieve as using any other item from your wallet, such as a credit card or loyalty card. Typically this starts by double-clicking the power/on button on the right-side of your phone.

Wallet passes should also appear, automatiucally, on your Apple Watch, if you have one. Selecting from your watch is just as easy. Double-click the button under ther digital crown and then select the Spryly card pass. Click on the pass to display its QR code.

Displaying your MyQRCard card on an Apple Watch

When you create a pass for one of your contact (business card) style cards your background photo and profile photo will be composited together and used as the image for your new pass. Additionally, the Spryly description for that card will be used to help you indentify which card is represented. Someone scanning your pass will see your whole Spryly and your title instead of this description.

If you're creating a new pass for a Spryly Story card a story background image will be used, if it was defined. Otherwise, the default background image will be used.

If you don't have an iPhone or Apple Watch don't worry. Support for Google's Wallet will be released soon!