Creating a Digital Vaccine Card

In the United States only about ten States are supporting some form of digital vaccination record. Most of our States are continuing to rely upon the paper cards from the CDC we received when we got vaccinated. While these cards certainly help someone to prove they've been vaccinated, they don't always contain enough information. Increasingly, people are photographing their cards and storing them on their phones, hoping they can find them when needed.

Spryly can help you take advantage of the best parts of both of these things - the paper card(s) you received when you were vaccinated, and your mobile phone which, more than likely, is with you all the time.

Creating a vaccine card

To create a vaccine card within Spryly login to your account and create a new card. Select the vaccine template. When you edit the card you'll be able to upload or take photos of your CDC vaccination card. Take pictures of the fronts of these cards, if you have more than one.

Select the manufacturer of your vaccine (it should be written on your CDC card), as well as the date of your last vaccination. If you took the Pfizer of Moderna vaccines there are two. So, enter the date of the second vaccination. Of course, if you had a booster shot, enter that date, instead.

It's a great idea to also add a profile photo and your name. Optionally add in additional contact info, if you like.

Using your vaccine card

Now, whenever you go to a restaurant, sporting event or other venue that requires proof of vaccination, you can pull up the Spryly app on your phone and show them your vaccination card. No more searching for one photo among thousands on your phone. And, since your MyQRCard vaccine card will likely have your name and profile photo it will be easy for anyone reviewing it to recoginize that the CDC card belongs to you.

Adding in State-managed vaccine information

If you're in a State offering digital vaccine data or offers QR codes that point to your vaccination data stored within State-managed systems you can include this information as part of your Spryly vaccine card. Simply add the QR code that the State provides and attach it to your Spryly vaccine card.

The same goes for any rapid Antigen tests you may have taken in preparation for air travel. Take a photo of your test results and include it as part of your Spryly vaccine card. When you get to the gate you can pull up your Spryly vaccine card, along with your boarding pass.

See the article Vaccine passports: 10 states with digital credentials & 20 states with bans to learn more about which states are moving forward with digital vaccine cards.

UPDATE: Washington State recently enabled a vaccine lookup tool that will present vaccinated individuals with the opportunity to download and store a QR code that can retrieve their information. When viewed on an Apple iOS device users can add this same vaccine information to their wallet. If you’ve been vaccinated in Washington State you can retrieve your information via


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